Most of the time, I get into my writing groove when I'm listening to music. They are usually not the vocal kind, but more instrumental, or ambient tracks that help convey emotions, mood, and tone. I never knew as I was writing Semblance Anon that a song would creep into the narrative. 'Moonglow' was a tune sung by a mother to her child in uncertain times. It is also a tune that goes with her daughter on her journey. At times, when she needed that push to get her through, the melody, and the sound of her mother's voice gave comfort and strength. Only the lyrics were present, without the tune within the book so naturally, I wanted to add the music to the expanding universe of Semblance Anon. After creating 'Moonglow' I decided to then go further, and create an accompanying soundtrack (both instrumental and ambient) to give the book another dimension. The element of sound for those who visit New Paris is meaningful and will hopefully transport you right there, with Marden, Elise, Delwyn, Tobin and Neith. This is track one. More will be added very soon. - Enjoy!


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