The colour blue is a rare colour in nature.

Although we see blue skies, the colour itself is a deception. the colour blue didn't used to exist and the natural connotation that blue is associated with the male gender was also accepted in the early 20th century. Blue therefore has a lot of mystery assigned to it. It is a primary colour and is considered to be a cold colour. Blue is also known to be a reference for naughtiness, although in this case, it is nothing of the kind. Blue is a colour worth celebrating... and in the tradition of Roasted Portions, we give you 100 helpings.

Also available is B99 (a blue only version for all ages) as well as B100: Short Attention Span Version and the Hyperdrive Edition..

IMG_8551 IMG_8565 IMG_8548 1921043_240137799511196_2004025445_o 1973428_240137759511200_2078425928_o 1781350_240137782844531_130939868_o 1782451_240137766177866_1472984758_o1913393_240137749511201_1547462442_o IMG_7950 IMG_7983 IMG_7984 blue2 001_RP_SF_012 b100s_poster2 b100s_poster

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