Hey Readers!

I hope you don't mind reading grey on black, but I had some space going spare below the graphic above to write something. Call it bonus content. Now, I have to say that these stories were an experiment for me. I was told one time that I wouldn't be able to write a short story because nothing about me is short (cough cough), no... that's not what I meant and you knew it! Anyway... what I meant was that I ramble... and so these short stories turned out to be the ultimate test for me. Now I can even tweet below the 140 character limit. I can even ask one word questions and give one word answers at the drop of a hat.

But I ramble. These stories are due to be reimagined (for Halloween 2017) and who knows, they might even be reissued in a different format other than words. watch this space. I will keep you updated.


- Stephen (12/12/16)

Robert Riley #1: Shadow Investigator - part 1 | In order to understand who I am today, I need to take you back to 1992. This was not my first experience with the supernatural, but it turned out to be one that really grabbed my attention... (continued)

Robert Riley #2: Shadow Investigator - part 2 | I heard the noise of a small child chattering as if at play. From the driver‟s seat I could see the ghost of a little girl in my rear mirror. (continued)

Robert Riley #3: Are There Bears in Malaysia | I own a book: a note book from which is always with me, although I only use it when I need guidance from whom I‟d call my mentor, Jiri Ivanov. Jiri was a Russian shaman and practitioner of inanimism... (continued)

Robert Riley #4: The Fifth Passenger | One thing I would never choose to do in my life unless I really had to: jumping out of a plane, be it with or without choice, but always with a parachute, I still wouldn’t want to do that. (continued)

Robert Riley #5: Red Means Go - part 1 | Sure enough, we saw detailed drivers, and blurred fuzzy figures sitting beside them – the same type of figure in every shot, in slightly different stages of transparency. (continued)

Robert Riley #6: Red Means Go - part 2 | In every photograph, for each fatality, in the passenger seat, there was a anomaly, either shown as a light or a shadow depending on how the light hit the car on the moment that photo was taken. (continued)

Robert Riley #7: The Messenger Arc: Symbols out of Giddiness. | As I write this I have already left on a journey across to the other side of the world. There comes a time when you take all that you’ve learned, all that you have become and put it all into practical use. I don’t know if this is the right thing to do, but I know something is out there that needs to be resolved. I know… “It’s a little vague”, but I’m not ready to tell you what I am hoping to achieve out here, not until my work is done at least. I can elaborate how I got here. (continued)

Robert Riley #8: The Underground Inanimate. | Two weeks into my journey to Australia, I have had ample time to look back and reflect on the path that got me to this place. The symbolic message that Talia had given me at the age of 6 had appeared several times in the recent months. What it means, I do not know… yet. At the age of 22, I was asked for a favor from a person who once gave me freedom.

Robert Riley #9: Astral Revelations | This story is a bit of a long one, so I will be short here. Activity during my stay here in Australia has reached a critical crossroads. I had no idea that the following story would ever come back to me. I thought this was one of those events I couldn’t explain, but with the seed planted, it seems inevitable now that this little side step was not only linked many things together, but also was a vital turning point in my journey.

Robert Riley #10: Fools Company (part 1/4) | A messenger can come in many forms, from that of a child, a teacher or even a spiritual follower. They can be builders, mothers, doctors… and sometimes, but not often, they arrive in the form of a madman.

Robert Riley #11: Fools Company (part 2/4) | Meeting with D.C. Harvey for the third time was a great boost for me – and one that got me on the right track. He wanted me to meet with a double time killer who only a month before was living an ordinary life.

Robert Riley #12: Fools Company (part 3/4) | To the world that caught the buzz of the Sean Best murder trial, they would be forgiven to think that he was nothing more than a bad seed, through and through. The truth was that he was actually, and wait-for-it: polite, quiet… a giver, private, wouldn’t hurt a fly. To the psychologists who study him on a daily basis, they see no reason for his sudden change.


Robert Riley is a series of flash fiction paranormal stories about a man whose connection with the afterlife is both a benefit and a curse. Robert is a solitary figure who finds himself at the forefront of the living's encounter with the afterlife.