In the years 2566

Elise and Marden had no idea they were expecting a child when they signed up to a five-year contract, working within a maximum-security prison facility on the desert planet, New Paris.

Four years in, and their future dreams, as a family, were shattered within the space of one night. As the skies lit up,
the power across the entire facility went down. The criminals of New Paris awakened, and tore away the walls of captivity with a savage hunger.

The prison staff, and the civilian population had no choice but to run, hide, and survive within in a formidable desert terrain.
Years went by without any sign of a rescue. They were abandoned, without any hope of rescue.

A decade later: an escape pod crash landed, and with it, came a stranger who brought with her, an opportunity that would reignite the precious spark of hope…



Prague, Winter, 1953. After accompanying his father to a crime scene of yet another gruesome murder, Jiri Ivanov becomes the target of a psychopath who exploits the gifted twelve year old in the hopes to unlock cryptic knowledge to control life, longevity and the hereafter. The killer’s aimless search to find three sisters or 'the three threads' has, after centuries, come to an abrupt stop. The killer has a new focus: gather the threads, with Jiri as the bait. Time is of the essence. Very few who work within Prague’s secret police believe the wild theories that investigator Nikolai Ivanov (Jiri's father) puts forward about the latest series of killings. As their inner circle of trust, safety and security gets smaller with each fresh kill, the Ivanov family must pull together to not only survive but to ensure that the clandestine truth that they hold so deep remains a secret; even if it means breaking rules that were set in motion centuries before they were born.


The first gathers the thread and holds it to the light. The second will measure the length, and the third decides where to cut the tether that descends into darkness. When together the sisters hold all there is to know about the light of life, the passage of longevity and ultimately, death in all its darkness.




Robert Riley is a series of flash fiction paranormal stories about a man whose connection with the afterlife is both a benefit and a curse. Robert is a solitary figure who finds himself at the forefront of the living's encounter with the afterlife.

These stories, although seperate from the Threads of Fate canon were in fact early concepts for the Robert Riley character who features in the second and third book of that trilogy. As you may or may not know, this flash fiction series came about as a challenge for me to write something that was short, and yet whole. Naturally, with a two and three parter, the stories found a life of their own - on a much grander scale - and several stories will no doubt be reimagined for a series of short stories set to be published in the near future.

Even though this series is concept, they are a fun read and best enjoyed in the darkness.


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