LOCALITY (Screenplay)

SYNOPSIS: A mystery built on the unusual disappearance of items placed inside a wooden planter seat. Stephen and Andy put it upon themselves to catch what they assume to be a common thieve with highly uncommon skills of knowledge, ability and guile. They soon discover through the tracking technology of modern mobile phones that whoever is at the end of line is not quite where they expected them to be. DOWNLOAD THE FULL PDF SCREENPLAY

CaCO3 (Screenplay)

SYNOPSIS: One man receives a package in the mail from his mother. He knows that it means facing something that he's always denied. In a life of assumed selfsabotage, he knows that something else dealt a hand, but for some reason, he has never wanted to face it. There is something in his memory. It's the same thing that speaks to him in his mind. It's the same presence that follows him in the shadows. Now, he has no choice but to face his psychological leach that refuses to let him go... DOWNLOAD THE FULL PDF SCREENPLAY


SYNOPSIS: SARAH and RICK attend a pre-natal class, and like many soon-to-be parents, they face their change with an abundance of questions, concerns and a great sense of trepidation. Sarah and Rick are not on the same page, and it seems that Sarah has something on her mind during these classes that Rick doesn't want to deal with. Is Sarah really overreacting to something that Rick believes is an obsessive thought that is out of her control? DOWNLOAD THE FULL PDF (7 pages)

EVERLASTING (a three act stage play)

SYNOPSIS: Tony is grieving the loss of Kandis, a young raven haired girl who took her life. A mutual friend, Rebekah is concerned as Tony avoids taking responsability of a journal of stories of which Kandis wished to have published. In order to get him on track, she asks her housemate Riley (a struggling writer) to spend time with Tony and guide him through the creative process. With pained dark humour, they take the path of distraction in the shape of a screenplay experiment that allows all to chase the theoretical underpinnings of the indie showbusiness dream. Riley soon realises however that there are extraordinary forces at play.

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